Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Painting A Dream...

My Anna girl is so sleepy, she is done with this world for now, and she fusses impatiently as I try and get comfy laying down beside her… Mommy always takes so long. She begins to nurse and within moments of latching on, her little eyelids flutter and her eyes start to roll back into dreamland… Such contentment, as if she were suddenly placed in a meadow filled with wild flowers and a warm breeze… I can almost see the butterflies as they flutter about. I can almost hear the birds chirping above us, and the angels as they fly on their paths in the skies. I am certain I heard the rustle of their wings… Peace spills over from her face, and I know she has reached her destination… I can feel the warmth of the breeze, and there seem to be dandelions parachuting down from every direction, everything is right in this moment, everything is perfect. The suns rays burst through the tips of the tall evergreens in the distance, almost as if the fingers of God were stretching through from heaven to reach us. The sun warms my face and sends all the stress from within my body bursting forth into the atmosphere, and everything is right in this world.

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