Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Purple Flower

I sat and memorized a purple blossom today, or more properly put, it mesmerized me.

I marveled in its sweet innocence, and dreamt of resting in its delicate beauty.

Such peace and such tranquility in every tiny blossom, each cradling a fragment of light as it glistened from a tiny drop of dew, greedily soaking in the sun’s powerful rays.

I dreamt it was dancing and twirling about, round the room again and again. Dressed in the finest of garments, robed in purple nobility.

Each segment holding something new, breathtakingly different from the last.

I saw a fine lady on the floor with her skirts swaying ever so sweetly as she danced effortlessly to the silent musical anomaly.

She is an angel of the ball, the dream of every tiny girl, she’s the gleam in their eyes from something they just thought that was either very good, or very naughty.

She’s a rhapsody of refinement, the bareness of value. The resolution to despair.

Delicate grace springs forth from the tiniest seed of nothing, into stems, leaves and an explosion of the deepest lavender you ever saw.

Such sweetness drawn for my eyes alone to enjoy today, a simple brushstroke from my awesome Creator to let me know of His good intentions. Thank you Father for the fragments of Your glory that you splash about creation on this temporary treasure hunt called life.

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