Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come As You Are

“Come As You Are”

The past few months, the Lord has been speaking to my heart about coming before Him just as I am, and in no other way. So often I try and dress myself up, or try and fix things on my own so that when I come to Him, I won’t seem so incredibly awful and shabby. I was asking the Lord the other day to show me more clearly how He felt about me, and the following is the result.

Come as you are, as you and you alone. You didn’t come into this world perfect, you didn’t come into this world filled with good thoughts, you each have wounds, broken dreams and defeated yesterdays. So just come as you are. I see your wounds, and I know how deep they run, but if you surrender them to me, defeated and all, I will take you under my wings as a mother hen gathers her young and I will cover you with my blessings and my protection. When you fight against accepting my will and fight to keep your independence, you block my covering and you block my blessings. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be pain in this world once you surrender to me. My child, this place you are in now, this earth won’t be forever. It has evil within it and that evil will affect you as long as you walk on its soil. But when you come to me broken and bare, I clothe you and I hold you and I mend the wounds that run so very deep, I kiss them and take them away forever, if you will only let me. Will you let me kiss them away, will you accept my love?

So come as you are, bandaged and aching, open and bare. Come as you are and rest in your Father’s arms. How I long to hold you, how I long to breathe my life into yours and fill every empty place you have ever had. It is in me alone you will find completeness, and how it breaks my heart when you struggle and toil daily to make it through this harsh and broken world on your own.

So come as you are, I don’t want or expect anything more, I see the things that have happened to you and I know when you aren’t responsible. For the things you are responsible for, I offer forgiveness, complete and cleansing as far as the east is from the west. Come as you are and bow your will before me, surrender your battles and surrender your victories, and I will take them and make something beautiful out of them. Just so long as you come.

So come as you are, you are royalty, daughters and sons to the King of all Kings. I desire to exalt you above men, I desire to lavish my love upon you, won’t you please heed my calling? That is me that you hear calling ever so faintly, every day, every hour, every minute. I have been trying to reach you since the day you were born. I have had a special message for your life constantly being sounded out into the music of eternity. Won’t you listen to its sweet melody? I will give you guidance. I will give you confidence in who you are as my child, and in me no evil power will overcome you, but you must surrender. When you surrender to me, you tear down the walls that you have built around your heart that have been blocking me for so very long.

So come as you are, no matter how that is, I love you forever and it is in loving kindness I have drawn you. I created you and I have special plans for you, all you need to do is surrender. Let go of today, surrender it to me. Let go of tomorrow, surrender it to me. And forget yesterday, surrender it to me, the past is no place to live, and there is nothing certain in your future, you only have today. Live in today, live in this moment, and surrender every detail of your life to me. I promise you your life will not only be better but easier when you let me carry you. So come as you are, bring everything to my feet, lay it all down and be forever changed in me, just so long as you come… I have been waiting for so very long.

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