Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrating Today

We went to Skinner's Butte park yesterday, the boys like to call it Skinners butt! :o) We had a good time, Anna swung in the swing and was actually more interested in what the little girl next to her in the swing was doing, than anything else. It was quite comical. I forget... I am actually not sure what I was going to say there, Joshua just came up to me and said "Hey Mom!" And then the next thing I knew there was a lot of blowing through a straw and spit along with a wad of gum came flying at me and hit me on the hand! Ick! What a goof ball.. Now that that is taken care of I can move on, but haven't a clue where I was going with that sentence above. Sometimes I really miss being able to think clearly and have all my ducks in a row, but for the most part, I actually enjoy letting go of all the thoughts and concerns that used to wind me so tightly, and I just enjoy the day. My children aren't ever going to be the same again, every day they change and they grow just a little bit more, and if I don't enjoy it now, when will I? I certainly won't be able to come back years from now and try and enjoy spit and gum being blown onto me from a straw! This is another reason I am very thankful to have a little girl in the house now, she is delicate and fragile, and not rough and wild. But I love my boys SO much.. I try to remember daily to slow it down and take it moment by moment, because all I have is this moment, nothing else promised to me. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come, so I focus instead on being in today, celebrating this moment...

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