Sunday, April 7, 2013

I am the Rainbow...

My heart was broken long ago
but it still beats
the ribs around it form a cage.

My heart is a bird
it was once free and happy
full of life and joy.

Now it is broken,
shoved inside a cold steel cage
trapped in pain and solitude.

If I could but stretch my wings out once more and remember
I am a beautiful creature...
not that bloodied mangled corpse
rotting in the cage...

Oh I remember I was once all the beautiful colors of the rainbow...

The vibrant Reds poured forth like lava
flowing with passion,
pouring out
showing my vigor, love for life,
I was covered in a warm flow of Red...

The Orange burst forth from me like the sun,
I burned Orange.

The sweet glow of Yellow poured out from within
the traces of golden daffodils,
their scent radiating from within
and the beautiful golden yellow of every sunrise and sunset.
I spun Yellow...

The Emerald Green sang from my heart
a love so deep
and whole.
I exuded Emerald...

The Azure Blue was from the bluest of skies,
those gorgeous blue skies that wash away every memory of grey ones
bringing instead choruses of birdsong.
I sang Azure blue, clear and true...

I danced an Indigo as dark as the night
as sweet and comforting as the moon
I shone through vibration.
I danced Indigo...

I shone purple, gold, and white
all around my head like a crown of magnificent hair
so healthy
so alive
so seductive.
I radiated purple nobility,,,

I knew my law then
I knew it well
all the borders,
lakes and rivers...

I was so many beautiful colors
they were braided about me
weaving through my aura.

The dark knights stripped me bare of my beautiful colors,
they defiled me to the point of deletion...
my colors trailed off slowly
bit by bit
into the night's breeze
where they could be kept safe...

I call them back now
by remembrance
I call them back by name
like beautiful long lost loves,
like children they gather around me
anxious to meet again
their flying colors intertwining with me once more.

I remember...
I call them back...
I forget them no more...