Saturday, April 20, 2013

Angel's Cry Out...

I open my mouth,
I tip my head to the sky.
Angel’s cry out,
overhead I hear them fly.

The sky darkens,
the witches fall…
To the depths with their brooms,
then up again tall.

Words fail this mouth,
they turn to sand and pour out.
My heart is only broken,
but it screams, shrieks and shouts.

JUSTICE I plead,
fist shaking in the air.
Anger fills my vision,
dark clouds enveloping my hair.

The questions,
the fears,
they tumble about inside.
I fought until I had no fight left,
 I will no longer run and hide.

You stand tall, seemingly proud over my shadow,
How dare you step into it.

Step up or step off,
I think this once I choose off…

You fear my light,
but I KNOW of your dark.

I am fearful no more,
the winds at this height whip and lash at me,
as I fall silently,
into your darkness…

I will weep no more,
and you will not quench this light...

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