Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Years Prayer

It's a brand new year Lord,
Please breathe a breath of fresh air into me, into my life and loved ones.

Restore what needs restoration,
Bind and remove that which hinders.

Un-fetter my spirit, give me wings.
Teach me to rise above my circumstances.

Cleanse what is soiled,
Wash away the mud and filth.
Heal the wounds that I carry and remove them from me completely.

Purify my heart,
That I would not project my fears and failures onto others.

Convict me where I need conviction,
and tenderize my heart so that I can more clearly see and have compassion for others.

Let me love as you love,
Quiet my soul.

Teach me to exude Your peace,
Your grace,
Your mercy to others...

This is my hearts desire.

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