Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming Undone

Undo the pain that I have inflicted.
Undo the hurt that my eyes and face have glared into.
Undo the broken places,
Make me whole again.

Bathe me in Your Spirit,
Create sacred ground.
Cover me in Your protection.
My spirit is weak,
But You have always been strength.

Cover me in Your glow.
Undo the barriers in my spirit.
Bring down all the walls,
So Your love can flow freely and sweetly through me.

My spirit is edgy.
The water of my soul has been poured out.
Fill me again.

Make new pathways,
Stop my self mutilation.

Let me hear the sweet song of the birds once again.
Let me feel the breath of the earth.
If all creation cries out praise to the heavens.
Why are my lips sealed.

Remind me of the days I gazed into the heavens drinking in Your rhapsody of blue.

I've neglected to allow my spirit to grow, and I clipped her wings long ago.

Give my spirit the gift of flight,
I plead....

Reconnect me to the soul and heart that were broken,
and bring new life from the shattered pieces....