Thursday, September 6, 2012


“Who are you?”  She says to herself in the mirror, her face becoming blurred and unrecognizable.

“I used to know what you looked like,” she insists, but she has tried to please too many for too long, for the wrong reasons. 

She no longer sees defined characteristics in her face, only mute fear of being left alone that has corrupted her heart’s view.

The cup she tried to fill was not her own, she isn’t supposed to seek human validation.

She feels empty, but full, wanders as if she is lost, but knows the way in her soul if she will just quiet it and listen.

She knows the melody, the sweet refrain, it bounces off of creation and sings to her in the rain.

She is wise beyond her years, she knows that her heart dances alone to the beat of creation’s song within.

She learns to feel full and validated through herself and Creator alone.

She is confident that trends come and go and knows no earthly belonging can hold the value and beauty of her most precious works.

Her husband and children indeed rise and call her “blessed,” she is their light, their sun and moon.

She is steady and constant, unwavering in thought she trains her mind to meditate, to learn to respond instead of react.

She knows the value of still silence, yet adores the busy bustle and noise the children will bring later in the morning hours.

She treasures her husband, she honors him with her hands, heart and soul.

She stands at the precipice of his soul and tends to his every need daily.

Her children are joyful, balanced and grounded firmly in love and gratitude.

She knows the value of basing the core of her emotions on embodying and reverberating love and gratitude; the heartbeat of the earth, the soul of the soil.

She understands everything fashioned by her Creator is a beauty to behold, weeds are no longer seen as such. 

She breathes in the warm scent of the wild blackberries and enjoys it’s fruit instead of whining about it’s thorns.

She marvels at both plants and animals and their amazing abilities to adapt to their surroundings.

She understands adaptation is the key to the very heart beat of the Universe.  Survival of the most adaptations, not fittest!

She dances and howls to the tides of the moon, uncaring of who hears her spirit’s cry, too long have her lips been silent and her feet been bound.

Beauty that begins in the heart manifests itself outwardly in time, she understands patience, love and gratitude will eventually clear her path.

She understands she cannot see past the choices she has yet made, but she still strives for perfection through showing compassion.

She is not a door mat for the world to wipe their feet on, she stands tall and full needing no validation.

She learns how to become whole again, a little more each day.  Life has at times pummeled her in the waves of her fears and left her shipwrecked on the beach with nothing left to do but pick up the rabble and start again. 

Healing comes through repetition…

She knows she can always find joy in today, she dances to forget yesterday and to remember tomorrow.

Her star burns bright and fierce now, motivated with love and gratitude, who can escape her glow…
And this is just the beginning…


  1. ‎"When a woman is exhorted to be compliant, cooperative, and quiet, to not make upset or go against the old guard, she is pressed into living a most unnatural life -- a life that is self blinding... without innovation. The world-wide issue for women is that under such conditions they are not only silenced, they are put to sleep. Their concerns, their viewpoints, their own truths are vaporized." Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    1. Did you realize that early on in the church, men had decided women were without souls, therefor probably could not be saved, we are talking Christianity. Then they were trying to decide for hundreds of years if we could be saved. And get this ladies, do you know what it is that made us not have souls?!? Our ability to carry a child in our womb.. I wonder how many wounds we carry today from the ancestry of our lost souls...