Friday, September 23, 2011

The Turn of Fall

Raindrops pouring down, cleansing my heart and soul.
Majestic mountains with their fog wrapped up around themselves like cozy warm blankets for those cool, crisp mornings.
Raindrops so light they are almost a constant mist dancing off of everything they land on. A splash, a dance, an encore. More come, following the first act, watering the parched earth, changing the world.
As Summer steps out, sweet beautiful Autumn breezes in. She saunters down the aisle, beginning the procession slowly with cooler weather, and then she takes full command and marches rapidly in as the days grow shorter. The nights grow longer, and animals ensure their homes are prepared for winter.
She brings peace, she brings tranquility to the land. She says "Dear flowers take a rest, you can stop blooming, I will handle this." Instead of the flowers holding their brilliant petals filled with color, the trees for once, get a chance to shine and glimmer. Warm honey golden yellows, bright oranges, blood crimson reds, all entertwined to create a twirling masterpiece of color.
The world seems to sigh in resignation as it reaches out to embrace Autumn, not quite content to bid the long days of Summer farewell. Come, Autumn breeze, blow through this earth, help the trees shed their leaves, a brilliant show of colors to rest in.